Gun Law Seminar

Arm yourself with knowledge and carry with confidence. Education is a key step in upholding and preserving all of our firearms rights!

Every Gun Law Seminar features experienced program attorneys and law enforcement professionals that explain basic firearms laws every gun owner should know

History and Purpose of the 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment has been getting a bad rep in the media lately and it’s future is far from certain. Often times, gun owners are painted with that same broad brush. Come to this event and hear an informative explanation of the roots of our constitution, our Court’s interpretation of its various aspects, and how it applies to law-abiding gun owners today. Show your support for the Second Amendment and your gun rights by registering for this seminar while seats are still available.

Date:   Feb. 20

When: 6:00pm-8:30pm

Where: 1501 Ave. Q – Prosperity Bank Operations Bldg